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in the creative industry

1. Brand Strategy

We have a skype call and establish brand guidelines, existing client research, and clearly define what the identity of your brand is and how it makes you different from your competitors.

2. Blueprint

I’ll create a persuasive site map that effectively communicates the value of your business and systematically addresses customer pain points. A strategic plan and timeline for the project will also be implemented.

3. Design

The design will be sleek and simple, and will be an accurate reflection of your marketing & brand strategy. Will provide an easy user experience making it simple to access information, complete a task, and guide the user through each funnel.

4. Development

Upon launch, your website will be lightning fast, super secure, and will provide a great user experience. Post launch, multiple variants of the copy and design can be be altered to see which strategies can boost conversions even further by using Google analytics and tag manager.

Creating Professional, Lightning Fast Static Sites that are 100% secure. Lets get started today.

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Strategic design that generates results

Results oriented business that also creates beautiful, visually pleasing websites. I’m focused on getting the right business for you, while enacting a clear vision of your goals and what you want accomplished


Simple and sleek design that's easy to navigate and makes the user end browsing experience feel like a breeze.


Safe, strong, and secure back end development that will serve as the foundation for a lightning fast, well constructed website.


Easy to manage sales systems that will have your website working for you and lead to more leads, sales, and the results you want.

Social media

Strong social media presence for your brand that will maximize your reach to potential customers, clients ,and other business opportunities.


Interested in a drop shipping store or selling e-products? I've helped create multiple websites in this sphere that has generated thousands of $$$.

Help & Support

24/7 open communication during the creative process to ensure that any questions or problems you have I will address immedidately.