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  • Armani Chowdhury | Artistic Engineer

    Arman Chowdhury is a rising star in the self development sphere.  He helps others by storytelling his experiences  through public speaking, social dynamics, EQ, creativity &  level up mentality that changes their lives.

    In September 2018, Arman and I began a long-term business partnership. He needed help capitalising on his rising online presence on twitter, professionalising his brand & podcast, and outlining a strategic plan to ensure long term success.


    Website design + development
    Content strategy + editing

  • Period

    2018 – current

  • website


Sam & I were introduced to one another via Twitter. As I was starting my personal brand, ArmanTalks, I noticed that Sam was making several high value posts regarding web development which caught my interest.  I was interested because I was thinking about taking my personal brand to the next level by developing a website. Therefore, I contacted Sam to work with him on the project.

Thus far since working with Sam, I can confidently say that he is the most top quality web developer I have ever worked with. I have a background in virtual real estate, so I have had to deal with plenty of developers in my life. But Sam is different in many ways.

First, he offers static sites, a level of service that is very rare & valuable. The static site that he developed for me was fast & highly dynamic on desktop & mobile. Also, it gives you a peace of mind knowing that you have 100% ownership over your website by bypassing the 3rd party services like Shopify or Wordpress. Plus, what makes Sam unique is that he has a very creative eye & is willing to help you figure out what you want.

When we first started working together, I had a very vague idea of how I wanted the website to look. But since then, we were both able to work together to refine it to perfection. He has made several of last second modifications for me as my vision for the site has evolved. While working with Sam, I felt as though he wanted to see my website succeed as much as I did. He is a top tier communicator and gives timely updates. This was crucial for me because I love to stay informed in my projects. Sam gave detailed, high level & low level insights that kept me in the loop.

Last but not least, Sam lives up to his name. My prediction was that the project would take a few months to develop. But in reality? It took him less than a month. His turnaround times for modifications are unbelievable.

Sam’s work was so great, that he and I have officially decided to form a long term partnership. He is a high quality, hardworking individual in the web development space who can help anyone level up their website game.